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Brexit: Supreme court to rule on whether Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament was lawful – live news

Brexit: Supreme court to rule on whether Boris Johnson’s suspension

Rolling coverage including supreme court ruling on Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament and Labour conference in Brighton 10.24am BST And this is from the FT’s David Allen Green on what might happen.Outcomes ranked

Non-justiciable – government win

Justiciable but lawful – government win (though court may say “careful now”)

Justiciable and declaration of unlawfulness – government defeat

Above, with coercive order and/or finding of improper motive – bad government defeat 10.20am BST And the legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg has a good guide as to what to expect.Good morning from the @UKSupremeCourt. Lady Hale is expected to deliver a summary of the court’s judgment in the Miller/Cherry prorogation appeals at 1030. This will be live-streamed and televised. I’m in the court media room and plan to live-tweet (threaded) what’s said in courtThe oral summary of the judgment normally lasts for only a few minutes. Written copies of the full judgment will then be posted online. There are no advance copies for the media (or, we are told, the parties) so the first anyone knows the result will be when Lady Hale gives it.If the court is divided then a simple majority will decide the case. In that event, I would expect Lady Hale to tell us which of the judges are in the majority and which are in the minority. There can be no further appeal.Lady Hale is bound to repeat that this case is not about the merits or the form of Brexit. The first question is whether the case is “justiciable”. If not, the PM wins. If it is, the next question is whether he acted unlawfully. If he did, the big question is what happens next.Lady Hale is good at explaining these things in plain language. But, just to remind you, Gina Miller is the appellant in the English case. Joanna Cherry is the respondent in the Scottish case. The PM wants the court to uphold the English decision and overturn the Scottish one. Continue reading…

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