‘Soft guy era’ trend raises the question on what happened to ‘masculinity’

‘Soft guy era’ trend raises the question on what happened to 'masculinity'

Fox News’ Anita Vogel discusses the ‘soft guy era’, the latest TikTok craze that advises men to stop being sole providers in relationships alongside co-hosts on ‘The Big Weekend Show.’”You should hear these TikTokers out there. [One] says that women should be paying for all the dates,” Vogel said. “What’s going on with masculinity? Why is it out the window?””It just seems like men do not want to play the role of being elusive anymore or being hard to get. They text way too much. They’re far too needy. They live far too long with their parents, particularly with mom, and that’s a problem when you’re a woman and you want a real man,” Fox News contributor Joe Concha said. “I shudder to think what it’s going to be like for my daughters.”JON BON JOVI’S 35-YEAR MARRIAGE DOESN’T ‘NEED RULES’ TO BE SUCCESSFULLil Goodie is one of the self-proclaimed co-founders of the ‘soft guy era’ movement. “Literally, being in my soft guy era, it literally opens my eyes to reality. Women want to be in long-term relationships. So this is what you’re going to have to do. You’re going to have to pay for all the dates,” he said in a TikTok video.”We all know being a provider in 2024 is a scam. So we don’t care, we’re not doing that anymore. We know that’s old-fashioned, these women got money, these women are working, so they need to contribute,” Scarfacemark, the other co-founder of the movement said.SEVEN TIKTOK CREATORS TRASH BIDEN OVER SOCIAL MEDIA HYPOCRISY: ‘DEVASTATING FOR MY SMALL BUSINESS’”Here’s the thing. So I have, I work full time, we all know that. The thing about being financially independent as a woman in a marriage, it’s a beautiful thing. I don’t need my husband financially. My husband doesn’t need me financially,” Fox News’ Nicole Saphier said. “We are together because we want to be together, and we work on our marriage because we actually just want to be together and raise our children together. That’s a beautiful thing.””Some of these guys, all they want is a mom. That’s what they want. They want to be coddled and take care of,” Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz said.NEW SOCIAL MEDIA TREND TELLS MEN TO ENTER THEIR ‘SOFT GUY ERA’: ‘BEING A PROVIDER IN 2024 IS A SCAM’”When we’re dating, should he absolutely be paying for our dates? Yes. That’s chivalry. He should also keep me on the inside when we’re walking on a sidewalk, he should be opening the door for me – and by the way, my husband does that, and my three children, boys do that as well,” Saphier said.”You’ve got to find the balance in your life, and it works for some people, doesn’t work for other people. But this idea that you just gonna predetermine who’s paying for what before you’ve even gone out, I don’t know,” Chaffetz added. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP

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