Viral dog trend explodes on social media, plus 4 sisters are crowned valedictorian and more hot headlines

Viral dog trend explodes on social media, plus 4 sisters are crowned valedictorian and more hot headlines

Lifestyle’s hottest headlines from this week include share-worthy stories related to family, good news, pets, travel, odd news and much more.Regular quizzes, crosswords and other games are always available to dive into as well.(Fox News Digital publishes a variety of new games each morning, including a Daily Crossword.)CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTERGrab your coffee or tea, lean back — and soak up these and other trending Lifestyle articles at’s plenty for everyone!A viral trend has pet owners encouraging their dogs and cats to complete a challenge involving hands and paws. The videos are racking up millions of views on social media. Click here to get the story.A dog owner is thanking the community after his pet escaped from home and became stranded on a highway median for 18 hours. Click here to get the story.Tracey and Mike Rendina of Florida are the proud parents of four valedictorians now that all of their daughters have been awarded the sought-after high school academic achievement in various years. Click here to get the story.A kindergarten student from Florida celebrated his graduation mid-flight after missing the ceremony at school. Click here to get the story.An Arizona family honored a husband and father by hosting a fun-filled funeral. Instead of having a somber affair, over 500 guests attended the event with bounce houses, painting, music and more. Click here to get the story.Louisville, Ohio, kindergarteners “transformed” into graduating seniors in a viral video that captured the attention of millions of people. Click here to get the story.This hamburger casserole is hearty, tasty, cheesy and can be made in less than an hour for family and friends. The recipe makes 12 servings and takes just 15 minutes of prep time. Click here to get the story.WHITE CHOCOLATE BANANA CREAM PIE IS INFUSED WITH A SHOT OF BANANA LIQUEUR — AND NOSTALGIA!Healthy salads are all the rage — but too often, calorie-laden culprits are sneaking into salads today, making them heftier than you thought. Here are seven sinful culprits — and healthier ways to go. Click here to get the story.A prankster reportedly ordered eight cheese and eight pepperoni pizzas from an Ohio pizza shop and never showed up to pay. What happened next was an act of kindness. Click here to get the story. A pet owner reportedly found out that her dog, which she thought was “put down” in Maryland, is alive and up for adoption at the same place where she adopted him in 2022. Click here to get the story. Alex Lundberg, a scuba diver and fossil hunter, found an ancient mastodon tusk in Manasota Key, which is located 90 miles south of Tampa. The tusk is unusually well-preserved. Click here to get the story. Fox News Digital spoke with three spider experts who said that while the invasive “venomous flying spiders” that recently made headlines may seem scary, there’s more to know than you think. Click here to get the story. In a now-viral post garnering more than 54 million views, a man revealed the elusive and odd-looking longnosed stargazer. Some viewers called the fish “petrifying.” Click here to get the story. Check out 15 unique Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad who “has everything.” Click here to get the story. Robert “Bob” Persichitti, a World War II Navy veteran from New York, died at age 102 while he was traveling to Normandy, France, for D-Day’s 80th anniversary. Click here to get the story. Andrew Jackson Higgins, a native of Nebraska, designed and built in New Orleans the famous amphibious landing craft used by the U.S. and Allies to fight and win WWII. Click here to get the story.A curious cat hilariously wandered on stage while a chamber orchestra performed. The music continued as the feline strutted off-stage. Click here to see the video.A Houston woman received a notice from her security camera her that someone was in the living room, only to find out it was her dog, Nanook, howling and crying because she missed her owners. Click here to see the video.For more Lifestyle articles, visit Dana Perino, in her latest “Short questions” piece, shines the spotlight on Fox News medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat — who shares how she got started in medicine, the traits most essential for health care leadership, and what she wished she knew when she was younger. Click here to get the story. A recently published report revealed the most popular spots in the U.S. to move to in 2024. Is your city on this list? Click here to get the story.Churches in Normandy, France, honor the American paratroopers who landed on D-Day as biblical heroes with dramatic images in stained-glass windows — fascinating points of interest for any traveler. Click here to get the story.

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